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Dave Matthews’ Acoustic Guitars

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Ever wonder what kind of acoustic guitar Dave uses on his concerts? I saw this old concert he had at Folsom Park, back when LeRoi was still alive. I love the part when they played “Crash into me”, gives me shivers. The acoustic guitar sound that he was producing was huge and raw. I can’t actually explain how it sounds. But the whole point is where does the sound come from? Ofcourse, the technicians made it possible but it won’t hurt to know his arsenal, right? Most of the time, Dave uses acoustic guitars. Anyway, here’s his list:

Taylor 714 Six-String Acoustic Guitar
Taylor W65 12-String Acoustic Guitar
Shure UHF Wireless System
Shure UHE Antenna Distro
Furman PL-Plus Power Conditioner
API 512b Mic Pre-Amp
Coleman Audio Switcher
Korg DTR-1 Digital Tuner
Meyer Sound CP-10 Parametric Equalizer
Eventide GTR-4000 Ultra-Harmonizer
Line 6 Gtr Pod
Korg DTR-1 Digital Tuner

Also, I found out from a post at that Dave also uses the following guitars in different occasions. Here’s the list:

Dave’s main guitar for most of the Under The Table, Crash, and Crowded Streets days. Dave admires this guitar for its thin, feedback free design. He began using it because it could cut through the bands thick sound. Dave’s first Chet was a SST Standard, complete with plastic soundhole, used in the “What Would You Say” video. Dave used the newer SST Studio’s in the videos for “Ants Marching”, “Satellite”, “Too Much”, “So Much To Say” and “Tripping Billies”. Dave has appeared to have retired his Chet’s

A guitar used for acoustic radio shows and interviews between ’93 and ’96. This guitar appears in the “Satellite” video (1), and the “Stay (Wasting Time)” video (2).

Dave’s main guitar for the 1999 Dave and Tim shows. Dave used this for an interview on Charlie Rose, and on VH1 Storytellers. Dave stopped using this guitar after recieving a Martin signature model

Dave’s signature model from Martin. Dave used this guitar on the Listener Suppored concert, and most of the DMB Summer 1999 tour.

Dave’s touring guitar for 1999-2000. He has four of these guitars, but typically only uses one of them. Dave abuses this guitar quite heavily, as indicated by the wear of the finish above the soundhole. Dave also says that he bled all over this guitar at the 2000 Bridge School Benefit. Dave discovered this guitar at Dusty Strings in Seattle, WA. He recently used it in the “Everyday” video

Found at the same store as the Taylor 714, Dave’s 914c was his main guitar for the 2001 tour. He also used this at the John Lennon Tribute Concert, the Groundworks festival, and the America: A Tribute to Heroes special. Dave has at least 2 of these guitars.

Dave used this for several songs on Lillywhite Sessions (such as JTR, Bartender and Grey Street). Dave feels that these are the exception to the typical “strummy-stummy” sound that most 12-strings exibit. Taken on tour in 2000 and 2001. Dave has 2 of these.

Takamine (Model Unknown) – used for acoustic shows at Trax, circa 1992
Ovation Celebrity (Black) – Dave’s main guitar for the ’91-’92 era
Ovation Celebrity (Natural) – backup for ’91-’92 days
Lakewood Acoustic – backup for D&T tours. Shown on the back of Live @ Luther College CD.
Taylor Custom Baritone – Made for Dave by Taylor in the fall of 2001. The guitar is essentially a LKSM6 body style, with a 26-1/2″ scale. Dave used this at Farm Aid 2001.

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