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Monday, July 12th, 2010

After the demise of the pop Punk group called, Fall Out Boy, its members when their own way, forming and playing in different groups the band’s songwriter and bassist is the last one to mention his new group called “The Black Cards.”

The Black Cards is the brainchild of his old friend Sam whom he knew long ago and was influenced by different types of foreign music. English music, Jamaican music, and music he was inspired with when he was travelling. His other band mates were also on other newly formed groups as well. Some were joined by popular musicians forming super groups.

Fall out Boy was an Overnight success story. As fast as they went up, they went down the same rate. It is really hard to keep that genre on the major label. The major label would have to squeeze everyone our t to cough up more cash for the sake of itself. Lots of gimmicks that don’t even relate to music. Ideas that no longer correspond to their principles. This is one thing that the audience has to understand, some bands just don’t have the ocean to stop or have stop over’s, they are always on the go.

Fall Out Boy Front Man Quits

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Last Tuesday afternoon, Fall Out Boy Front man Patrick Stump made a statement in response to Fall Out Boy band mate, Pete Wentz regarding his comment about the band’s uncertain status. Stump announced that he doesn’t know if they will be playing again because he’s not in Fall Out Boy right now. If you look at it a certain point of view, it seems that he did quit Fall Out Boy and is no longer interested whether they would play again together or not. Pretty sad story for FOB fans all over the world. But maybe it really didn’t mean to mean that way. We don’t know really.

Anyway, after this story about Stump was posted somewhere in the net, FOB drummer Andy Hurley posted on Twitter that he also quits following it up later with a post saying, he didn’t really quit, everything was just being blown out. This leaves fans goggling, thinking along those lines.

When asked, FOB members seem to just don’t know anything about their status. Poor guys, victims of the Major Label monsters. Now, this is clearly a good example of Music Moguls manipulation. They sign artists and when their no longer marketable, they throw you away on a corner like a crumpled piece of paper.

Anyway, FOB could follow what Yorke said and start going indie, going to their music roots at the same time. There are millions of people who would love to support them if they do that.